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Monday, February 27, 2017

10 Amazing cool Websites for Geeks that You Didn’t Know Existed!

8:15 PM
10 Most Amazing Websites

Today I am going to tell about 10 amazing websites that I felt cool while visiting them.Most of the people don't know these websites if you know any of these share your experience of those with everyone else.



This website generates coding spoofs if you type random characters on your keyboard.Using this you can act like that you are an professional hacker and if you press the Alt key the Ultimate message "ACCESS GRANTED" will be displayed on the screen.

2. 10minutemail


Sometimes we need to provide an email on some websites to access it but due to few privacy reasons we don't want to give them our original email. So for that purpose we can use this website 10minutemail which creates an random mail address for just 10minutes and we can receive the email from anyone.If you want an another email you can just refresh the page.

3. Norse Attack Map

Norse Attack Map

This website allows us to see the live hacking attack map on your computer screen.It looks very cool seeing all the websites that are being hacked around the world.

4. TheNewboston


Its an amazing websites with free tutorials and video courses on different kinds of topics.
Using this website we can learn great things for free of cost.

5. Evozi Downloader

Evozi Downloader

This site enables us to download the official apks from the google play store. You just need to copy paste the url of the apk you want and you can download the apk to your computer.

6.  Youtube TV

Youtube TV

Probably most of you know this but this is one of the cool thing that I need to be on the list.This website allows us to get an clean interface of the youtube and the best thing is we can control the whole website using the keyboard only as it is designed for TV.

7. GTmetrix

This website is used to test the speed and performance of our website or any other website.If we want to compare the speeds of loading of any 2 websites we can use this.The awesome thing of this website is that it says why our website is slow and what are the solutions to speed up our site.


With the help of wayback machine you can see the history of any website. This is very useful to check how an website has changed from time to time.

9. Kick Ass App

Kick Ass App

Using this website we can destroy any website. It's just a prank but its fun. If you are too bored then you can destroy famous websites using this and can have some fun.

10. Live ATC

Live ATC

This website provides live Air Traffic Control(ATC)  and radar facilities around the world.Its fun listening to hear around the world.

Thats all these are the few websites that I found. Share your opinion and if you know any other cool websites feel free to comment below.


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