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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Add shutdown option to right click menu on desktop

5:37 PM
This is just a simple registry hack
1.Just download the registry hack files from the link
2.Open the file named "Shutdown on rightclick"(without quotes)

Manual method

1.Open the registry editor : Start Menu -> Run : type regedit , It must look like the following picture.

2.Expand the key, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT , Then Search for “DesktopBackground”(without quotes).

3.Expand the Shell key as shown below

Please note that , some of the desktop context menu entries are visible under this key, You can verify if you have selected the correct key by cross checking the sub-keys with the desktop context menu entries, Also this tutorial has been tested in Windows 7, Please use the proper desktop key whatever available in your operating system , and verify the sub-keys

4.Expand Shell, and notice few desktop context menu entries. Right click on Shell, and select NEW->Key

5.Name the key as “Shut Down”(without quotes).

6.Expand newly created key “Shut Down” and create one more key under “Shut Down”(without quotes), name this key as "command"(without quotes).

7. Double click on command key, on the right panel, you will see “Default” value for this key, Double click it.

8.Change the value to “shutdown -p” as shown in the above picture, and click on OK.

9.Close the registry editor

Now , right click on the desktop, you should see the option for shut down, click the option to shutdown the system.


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