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Friday, August 24, 2012

How to add disk defragment option to right click menu

8:20 PM
This is to add the disk defragment option to right click menu in windows 7 or vista


1. Download the registry hacked files 
2. Extract all the files
3.Open the file named "AddDefragToDriveMenu" or "AddDefragToExtendedDriveMenu"(without quotes)
4.If u want to remove it open the file named "RemoveDefragFromDriveMenu"(without quotes)
Manual method

1.Open Registry Editor and Navigate to the following key.


 2. Now create a new key under shell and name it as "Defragment" (without quotes)
 3. Now create another key under Defragment and name it "Command" (without quotes)
 4. Now select command keyand and in the right side menu change the value of default to "dfrgui.exe" (without quotes)

That is it . Now refresh or reboot or log off your system and you will find an extra option defragment on the right click menu of any drive.


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