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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Get free Mobile Recharge With EmbeePay Facebook Application

9:43 PM

Wondering whether its possible to get free mobile recharges? There are plenty of online services that offers such promotional schemes.Some of them are genuine while rest are just fooling people.

EmbeePay is the best alternative for Amulyam as you can easily  garner points to do recharges of Rs 100+. It seems too good to be true but I have tested it on my own numbers.The recharges were spontaneous.

How To Get Free Recharge Using EmbeePay

  • Login into your Facebook Account.
  • Open EmbeePay Facebook Application by clicking Here.
  • Now Confirm your mobile number and Emai ld address to instanly get 100 points
  • Refer your friends for this application and you will get 300 points for first 5 refrealls (thats cakewalk for most of us) and for rest of the refreals you will be credited 1 point for  each 10 poinst earned by your refreals.
  • To get more points you can also do surveys  which are worth 10-30 points each.

Here is point to recharge breakdown

  1. 150 points = $1/Rs. 50
  2. 300 points = $2/ Rs. 100
  3. 500 points = $4/ Rs. 200 
  4. 800 points = $6/ Rs. 300 
Join Embeepay and earn free mobile recharge.

So just by referring 5 friends you become eligible for 100 rs recharge.Isn’t it too simple and easy!!



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