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Saturday, December 15, 2012

How To Send a Free Fax Online

3:41 PM
Hello friends sometime we want to send Fax and to send Fax we have to go to fax shop and cost money for that.Think if i give you free platform to send fax which saves your time as well as money.I sure you will be happy to know.
Yes this is true in my today's post i teach you how to send free fax online.To do so you have account in either Google or Microsoft.

1)Sign up by click here using Google or Microsoft Account.

2)After sign up you will see a screen as below.

Everything is easy to use:-
In first option Upload File that you want to send.You will also add file from Box, Skydive And also from drive.
And in second option add the destination Fax Number or email address.

One Limitation is still there: To receive the fax you have to pay $7.99/Month.

And Great thing is that you used these services on Iphone/Ipad also.


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