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Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to Send Custom Image or Profile Picture as Emoticon in Facebook Chat

7:51 PM

Facebook Chat is a crage these days and to appear unique and engaging in conversation is what all we want. Using the default Emoticons available in Facebook Library in chat won’t be enough in such case so, here’s how you can send Photos / Images in FB Chat.
You should be happy now to know that its possible to send Images to make Facebook Chatting more fun without need of any external plugin or web browser extension. Simply, follow the steps and you can use any image as Emoticon in Facebook Chat.

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How to Send Photos in FB Chat

  • Just click on the options button on the top right corner of the chat box.
  • Now click Add Files...
  • A new pop-up appears and select your image that you want to send.
  • After the image has uploaded just type the text if you want or simply press enter
  • Thats It!!! There are other ways also but I think this is easy to use.

How to Send Profile Picture as Emoticon on Facebook Chat

You just need the Profile ID of the person whose profile photo is to be used as Emoticon in Chat. Profile ID is the number in the URL of the account which looks like this.

But as per the latest update of facebook, we cant see the profile id in the URL instead we are seeing a name,but dont worry its no problem just copy the name in the URL as it is.If you want to know the ID of anyone use our Facebook User ID Finder Tool.

So, enter the ID or name inside double brackets and send.
eg: [[P.Harikesh]] or [[100001486158051]]
It should be noted that the image sent will be 16x16px irrespective of the size of image you send.


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