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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Facebook Offer's Free talk time - Refferal program

11:55 AM

Facebook which recently crossed 1 Billion users came up with another innovative and extra ordinary scheme to increase its users in India. It  started a program that gives Rs 20 worth of talk time to every new user who signs up using a mobile phone,users have to go to and register from there to get the free talk time.but this scheme is only for new members who signs up.
But even the existing users can get the free talk time by just referring a member .

This way even the existing members can get Rs.20 worth talk time with the new member.Facebook states that the Talk time will be credited in 3 days.
I even tried out the scheme myself and yes Bingo it nearly took 5 days of time to get my mobile recharged with talk time so this is no prank played by Facebook this is mainly to attract new users to Facebook as we know India is the number one 1 growing in mobile industry and India is the number 1 in Facebook users through mobile.

For new Users:

This is a simple process in which a new user while signing up to facebook needs to enter his mobile number and the invitee number and sign up so that the new member and the invitee will get Rs.20 worth recharge from facebook i.e Rs.40

To get Recharge  CLICK HERE

For Existing Users:

For existing users the equation will be simple because the existing users only need to refer new users in this way  the existing users will be beneficent more because the number of new referrals that number of talk time an existing user gets.


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