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Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to change the logon message in Windows 7

11:45 AM

Windows 7, like Vista, supports a local security policy that allows you to create a message that will be displayed when users attempt to log on. 

Method 1 : 

To create a logon message:

  • Type secpol.msc in Start Search and hit Enter to open the Local Security Policy
  • Expand Local Policies
  • SelectSecurity options
  • In the RHS pane, double click Interactive logon: Message text for users attempting to log on.
  • In the provided box, type the message you want to appear.

Method 2 :  

Intended for Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit computers with Service Pack 1 installed, the following can be done with or without User Account Control active. You will also need a copy of Resource Hacker, a free tool designed to enable you to modify, add, rename, delete and view resources in Windows EXE files.

While this is downloading, open C:\Windows\System32\en-US\ (note that non-English versions of Windows will have a different folder name, such as \es-ES\ for Spanish) and find winlogon.exe.mui.

change windows logon screen

Right-click this file and select Properties > Security > Advanced > Owner – in this window, click Edit and then under Change owner to, select your own logon name and click Apply. Click OK to proceed, and select OK to exit these windows and the original Properties box.

windows logon screen

Once done, return to Properties > Security and select Edit. In the following box, click Add and search for your logon name; it should resolve as PCNAME\USERNAME. Select this, click OK to add and you will be returned to the Security tab. From here, click Advanced > Permissions > Change Permissions, and under Permission Entries:, select the newly added entry and click Edit. Select the Full Control checkbox in the Allow column, then click OK and Apply to exit back to the Properties box.
You should then copy the winlogon.exe.mui to a new location, preferably your desktop.

windows logon screen

Next, install Resource Hacker and launch the software from the Windows Start menu by right-clicking and selecting Run as Administrator. Agree to the UAC notice and when the application has loaded open File > Open and in the Files of type box select All files (*.*). Browse to the desktop and load winlogon.exe.mui into Resource Hacker.

windows logon screen

You will see that the tool has a similar interface to the Windows Registry Editor, so expand String Table > 63 > 1033 and in the right pane update the entries in quotes on lines 1002 and 1005 – this will be your new Windows 7 logon screen message!

how to change windows logon screen

Ensure the quotes remain in place, and click Compile Script and then File > Save to complete the process.

how to change windows logon screen

Close Resource Hacker and copy the winlogon.exe.mui file back to C:\Windows\System32\en-US\ (choosing Copy and Replace) and then open Start and type CMD, right-clicking the resulting command prompt icon and selecting Run as administrator. Type mcbuilder and tap Enter, and wait until the process is complete (the cursor will flash on a new line) before entering Exit to close the command prompt.
Restart Windows to complete the process and confirm your changes.
To undo this and restore the original message, simply start the process again, replacing your custom message with “Welcome”. Alternatively, delete winlogon.exe.mui and replace it with the winlogon.exe_original.mui file created by Resource Hacker, renaming it appropriately.

Method 3 :

The easiest way is to use a software created by

 Windows Logon Notfier is very simple to use! Simple write the message text in the “Write Title Here” and “Write Message Here’ spaces provided for and click “Add Message”.

The next time your users log on, they will be shown this message first before they log on.


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