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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hurry To Get 3 Months Flickr Pro For Free – Ends Jan 4 [Updates]

11:57 AM

Whether you’re a free Flickr user or a pro account holder, you are entitled to receive a gift from Flickr – the gift of a pro account for three months! But, hurry as the promotion ends on January 4th.
All you need to do to activate your free gift from Flickr is to log in to your Flickr account via a mobile application or the desktop. Mobile users will automatically receive the gift with no action required. If you use the desktop, a banner will show you the offer of three months for free and all you need to do is accept the deal. It really couldn’t be easier!
If you’re a free user, you’ll benefit from the features of a pro account for the next three months. Features of pro accounts include unlimited uploads and storage, the ability to see all of your photos and to always have access to the high definition photos and video. There are also tools to replace photos and view statistics about photo views.

Flickr Pro users can also take advantage of the free offer, as their renewal date will simply change to reflect the addition of the free three months. There is no hassle involved in activating the gift at all.
Have you tried Flickr Pro before? How are you enjoying your free three month gift?


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