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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Now you can Pay Facebook To send Private Messages to anyone you like!

9:00 PM
If you ask the Facebook users about what attracted them to join this social network leaving Orkut and Myspace , about 70% of the people would definitely vote for the security services that Facebook offered to its users like picture privacy and limited profile options. If you go back to the reign of Orkut, it was where anyone could message you, scrap you, even though you weren’t friends with him. Leading to privacy concerns, people switched to Facebook and have been enjoying the sense of security by now.
However, The latest Facebook feature allows the users to send you messages, who are not your friends. You would be amused to know the price of your security and that is, only $100 per message.

The Policy!

Facebook is testing its new money making policy these days allowing its users to send messages to people who they aren’t friends with. Although the service was also available free of cost before too, for those users who had this service allowed through their privacy settings where people who land up on their profiles could message them apart from sending an add request. This was highly satisfactory as the decision of interacting with people you may not know lies within your side. However, the service was used as spamming by spammers who used it to send messages to people, bothering them without any point.
Facebook realized the intensity of the seriousness in December 2012 when Mark Zuckerberg’s own inbox was flooded by his fans. The only way that Facebook could come across was to make this service no more free; in fact, the team took it as another opportunity to make money with. It is further strange that the offer is not $100 for every user, but for only some, where few users can avail the service for $1. The service is still on its primary stage and yet not done with its testing completely.

The Results

Although the service would be warmly welcomed by the users who have been a victim of spamming on and off, for the users who want to search their old friends, colleagues or family would have no other option left except poking them or paying up to $100 for a single message, without even knowing whether the recipient would recognize him or not, in that case, a dead loss!
Let us wait and watch the response of the audience over this service,
Happy Facebooking


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