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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chrome for Android now syncs autofill data and passwords

11:25 AM

Google has officially updated its Chrome for Android app to include password and autofill data syncing for your mobile device. Those features were available for beta users last month, but now everyone can enjoy them. The app syncs the autofill and password data stored on your computer, further integrating the browser on both devices and making Google Chrome an even more compelling choice for users.

Chrome for Android updated to include autofill sync and password sync

This password and autofill data sync is a Godsend for many users. We all know how dreadful it can be filling out form data while registering for services, or even typing out our passwords, especially if they’re complicated. You can imagine how much worse those tasks are when you’re typing them out on a mobile device. This new update helps give Android users a much welcomed shortcut through these mundane tasks.

Of course, in order for the sync to work, you will have to be signed into both your Google Chrome desktop app and your Google Chrome Android app. If your data isn’t syncing, don’t worry. Google says that this is normal as it’s still rolling out the features to users. You may have to wait at most a few days before you can take advantage of these features.

Alongside the addition of the new sync feature, the Chrome for Android update brings many other bonuses as well. Scrolling performance should be much smoother, pinch-to-zoom should be more responsive, interactive pages should be much faster, there is more support for HTML5 features, and audio will continue to play even if Chrome is in the background. You can go ahead and grab the update from Google Play now.

[via Android Community]


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