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Friday, April 26, 2013

Google Drive adds Viewers Profile Picture and One Click Group Chat

6:54 PM
Google improves Drive service and adds some new features such as Viewers profile picture and one click group chat. From now when you open a file in Drive, you can see the Google+ profile picture of other viewers at the top of the document instead of just their names.

If you have move your mouse cursor on the picture, Google+ card will open with cover image and you can add him/her to your circle directly from Google Drive.

In case anonymous users (without Google account) looking your document, Google shows funny animals name to them like "Anonymous Tiger" and "Anonymous Monkey". 
Google drive adds one click group chat feature that enables you to chat with multiple viewers at once without leaving Google Drive. And also Drive will support more file types like Google Sheets in coming days. 
According to Google these new features will roll for all users within out one or two days.

[via GoogleDriveBlog]


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