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Monday, April 22, 2013

Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Aim Hack

1:37 PM
8 Ball Pool Aim Hack

Hello Guys.Everyone knows the game 8 Ball Pool by miniclip which is there in facebook and miniclip.Its one of the most popular multiplayer game. Many Hacks are there for aim,coins,unlocking achievements,etc but many are not working and with irritating surveys.So today I am giving you a hack which is 100% working with no surveys. This hack uses a software names Cheat Engine.

Requirements of This Hacks:

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Cheat Engine

How To Apply This Hack

    1. Download the Requirements mentioned above.
    2. Open the game in miniclip.
    3. Open Cheat Engine 

      4. Click the Computer Icon under File

      5. A new window opens. In that new window click on the second flash-player and click Open.

      6. Now Change the Value Type from " 4 bytes" to "Array of byte"

      7.In the search box enter " 24 0A 2A D2 A2 A0 A2 A0 24 0A A1"
      8.Now click First Scan Button
      9.A single result is seen on the left side of the window.(see the below image)

      10. Click the small red arrow.(shown in the above image)
      11. After clicking some data is seen down.
      12. Press the "Enter" key highlighting on that data.

      13. A new window comes and in that window earse the whole data and enter this "24 0A 2A D2 A2 A0 A2 A0 24 0A A2" and click OK.

      14. Now check the checkbox under Active category.

    Thats It.Now play your game you see extended guide lines.
    Share your thoughts via comments.


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