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Friday, April 19, 2013

Google+ Hangouts gets auto mic mute feature for those who type in a session

3:13 PM
Get Muted If you want to type in a session
Google's come to the rescue of those who don't quite enjoy hearing typing sounds in the middle of a Google+ Hangouts session. To end this, Google has now added automatic muting when there are typing sounds in a Hangouts session, Google's Tim Haloun confirms in a post.

So, if someone is constantly typing during a Hangout session, their mic will be muted (like in below image) until, of course, they stop typing. At such a time, the user will be able to see an in-Hangout notification, the post adds, so they know that the typing sounds are not coming in the way of the conversation.

This feature is applicable for larger Hangouts, i.e. ones involving more than four people. If you’ve been at the receiving end of such typing sounds (you know! the click clack, click clack sounds), you’ll surely appreciate this feature.

Google’s definitely adding a world of good to Hangouts to improve the experience. Earlier this year, the company launched two features to improve the Hangouts experience in areas with slow Internet connections. First among those was the bandwidth slider. Users will spot a new slider at the top right of every hangout, using which they can adjust their bandwidth preferences in real-time. This way, users can keep their Hangouts going.

Then there is the audio-only mode that allows users to send and receive audio only – thereby reducing the amount of bandwidth required. On the other side of the Hangout, participants will be able to view only your profile picture, but hear you loud and clear.

It then introduced two accessibility improvements in Google+ Hangouts. The first one's a Sign Language Interpreter app for the service's deaf or hard of hearing users who prefer using sign language. They can invite interpreters to speak and/or interpret for them during a Hangout. Those using this app will always see their interpreter at the top right of the window, and they'll become the focus of the Hangout whenever their interpreter speaks for them.

Additionally, keyboard shortcuts are now available for those who prefer doing away with the mouse during a video chat. You can now press Ctrl+D (PC) or Command+D (Mac) to mute your microphone and start chatting with Ctrl+B (PC) or Command+B (Mac). To view the full list of keyboard shortcuts just type "?". Google said the features would be rolled out gradually.

[via tech2]


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