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Friday, May 24, 2013

Chrome for Android updated now supports Full Screen mode and search from omnibox

3:46 PM

Google released updated Chrome app for Android devices with Full Screen mode, simplified search directly from omnibox like desktop version and  tap history for Tablets. And also Chrome 27 comes with some stability improvements and bug fixes.
The new Chrome 27 allows users view content in Full screen, when you scroll down your pages the tool bar will disappears and your content shows in Full screen. The toolbar will show automatically when you scroll up pages.


Chrome for Android updated Chrome for Android updated


With new chrome 27 for Android, you can search directly from browser omnibox (address bar). This feature already available on Chrome desktop version browsers.

And also the company introduces Tab history for tablet users, users can view their browsing history by long pressing back button on Chrome for Android.


Chrome for Android updated

Official Change logs:

  • Full screen on phones - Scroll down the page and the toolbar will disappear.
  • Simpler searching - Searching from the omnibox will keep your search query visible in the omnibox, making it easier to edit, and show more on your search result page.
  • Client-side certificate support - You can now access sites that require you to use a certificate and Chrome will allow you to select an installed certificate
  • Tab history on tablets - Long press the browser back button to view your tab history
  • And a ton of stability and performance fixes

Download at google play


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