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Friday, May 24, 2013

Google Publisher Toolbar updated with new UI and Ads Blocking Capabilities

3:38 PM

Google released new revamped publisher toolbar with new user interface with blocking capabilities, new feedback box and pop-up account overview.
The Publisher toolbar is a Chrome extension allows users to know their AdSense earnings, performances and other basic information about AdSense from anywhere on the web without going to



"Pop-up account overview: Giving you quick access to your estimated account earnings summary for today, yesterday, this month and last month as well as information on your top 5 channels or sites by revenue over a variety of date ranges.

Ad Details: Giving you detailed information and full insight into a specific impression including buyer and advertiser details, the creative associated with the current view and now includes the ability to block the ad by buyer.

Feedback box: You can now share your feedback directly with Google through our new feedback box embedded in the user interface." said by Fiona Herring - AdSense Product Manager

Download latest version Google Publisher toolbar from web store, if you are already using Publisher toolbar on your Chrome it will automatically updated to new version with above features.


[via TechShortly]


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