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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gmail's New Quick Action Buttons Help You Complete Tasks on the Go

12:21 PM

Gmail unveiled what it calls "quick action" buttons on Wednesday, helping users respond to certain types of emails without ever having to open them.

In a blog post, Google product manager Shalini Agarwal says the buttons are meant to "tackle your digital to-dos as quickly as possible."

They show up next to specific messages in your inbox that can be addressed with little effort — for example, RSVPing to a party invitation or rating a restaurant.

What's more, Gmail is making it easier for travelers to quickly find essential information about their flights. Rather than having to scroll through long confirmation emails, basic flight info — including connection time and whether a plane is on-schedule — is displayed at the top of the inbox.

Agarwal says Gmail's quick-action buttons will roll out "over the next few weeks," and that it plans to add more actions in the future.

Do you find quick action buttons useful? Tell us in the comments, below. 

[via Mashable]


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