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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Google Chrome 27 released, now web page loads 5% faster (with download link)

1:38 PM
Google updated its Chrome browser to new version 27 for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. The new version contains various features including faster page loading and improved spell checker.

Google Chrome 27
The Chrome 27 enables users to faster web browsing, now web page loads 5% faster than average speed.  The new version includes Sync File system API to save and synchronize data on Google Drive. It provides app-specific syncable storage for offline and caching usage so that the same data can be available across different clients.
And also Google improves ranking of predictions and spell correction and numerous fundamental improvements.

Official Change logs:

  • Web pages load 5% faster on average
  • chrome.syncFileSystem API
  • Improved ranking of predictions, improved spell correction, and numerous fundamental improvements for Omnibox predictions. 


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