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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

YouTube now allows users to turn their video into slow motion

6:24 PM

Youtube Slomo feature


YouTube adds a new enhancement feature, that allows users to turn their YouTube video into slow motion video. You can slow your video speed into half speed, quarter speed and one eighth speed.

"To create a slomo video, visit the Enhancements tool or the YouTube Editor and apply it to one of your existing videos. You’ll get a smooth, slomo video that makes it look like it was filmed with a high-speed camera."


Video in normal speed


Same video in 1/8 speed




How to

  • When signed in, click the arrow next to the Upload button at the top of any YouTube page
  • Select Video Manager
  • Click the Edit button for the video you want to turn as slomo
  • Click Enhancements
  • Then click Slow motion and apply it to your video

Including Slomo motion feature YouTube offers various enhancement tools for users such as Auto-fix, Face blurring, Filters, Trim and more for make video into awesome.


[via TNW]


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