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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Google+ mobile site updated to look more in line with desktop version

11:20 AM
Even as the Android app for Google+ has received a refresh with an improved photo experience and location sharing, the mobile web version of the social network has been updated to look more like the desktop design.

The redesigned site now makes posts look like Google Now-styled cards in the stream. Google says that this redesign will make it easier for users to read, +1 and share these posts. The cards theme – like we’ve seen on most Google products – lends a nice, polished touch to the mobile website.

Card style design is now in

 Profile and Pages on mobiles too have been refreshed to make it look more like Google+ on the desktop. These pages will now include cover photos as well as larger tap targets that will make it easier to use the site. Sadly, there are still no regular Google+ features like Hangouts or the photo-editing suite that other Google+ apps have.

The company had announced 41 new features to be added to its Google+ service back at Google I/O last week. The desktop version of the social network was first updated with an all new News Stream. The redesign saw Google+ adopting a triple layer column design – quite like Pinterest’s – with the option of switching to other designs.

Google+ got a new implementation of hashtags that improve discoverability of posts on the service. A new suite of image editing for the social network was also announced. The Android app too received a major update that pushed it to version 4.0. The Photos experience on the app now allows for auto backing up of images as well as editing and enhancing options.

The mobile site of Google+ is sure to find a lot of takers with its improved design and features but it still has a long way to go before it can look as attractive as the iOS and Android versions do. The redesign, though, is quite a head-start in that direction.

[via tech2]


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