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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Temple Run 2 update brings new terrain, two new ways to die

9:51 PM
Runaway hit iOS and Android based game Temple Run 2 has received a major update that brings in new graphics and more powerups, achievements and obstacles. The endless running game now has a whole new terrain as well as a couple of fun new ways to lose your neck while playing the game.

The new landscape, called The Narrows, throws in a treacherous new terrain to the game that is bound to make avoiding obstacles far more challenging for players. The terrain introduces a series of narrow planks that are difficult to negotiate and you can’t afford to slip up.

New ways to die

You could also meet with an untimely death through two new ways. The path could crumble right before your eyes if you're not fast enough or you could come in the way of spinning saw blades. Sounds gruesome, doesn’t it?

Imangi Studios has also ensured that with this update of Temple Run 2, you can earn a lot of in-game money. You can even make a quick buck by earning coins and gems from the "Free Stuff" menu of the Temple Run 2 that can be used within the game.

Besides these fun new features, Imangi Studios has also fixed a couple of important features of the game. Besides these bug and performance fixes, it has also patched up the skip button crash that seemed to be affecting a lot of users.

Imangi Studios also announced that Temple Run and Temple Run 2 together have now crossed over 300 million downloads, making it one of the biggest franchises in mobile gaming.

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