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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Google+ Android app updated with improved Photos, location sharing (with download link)

11:17 AM
The Google+ Android app has received yet another major update (v4.0), in addition to the whole bunch of new features that the software giant recently released. The updated app claims to improve upon photos, location, and the stream.

Here's a quick look at the new features:

The Photos experience on the updated Android app brings Auto Backup that allows users to store their photos privately and safely as they click them. The auto highlight feature lets them look through a selection of top click from every set of photos that they add, and there is auto enhance to make slight improvements to the people and places in the images automatically. Auto Awesome lets users create new versions of their images, say, by adding animations and panoramas based on the images. To get started, all users have to do is upload a few shots, visit the Photos section of the updated app and view their Highlights. Here, they can also check out the enhancements by Google and remove them if they don't like it.

New Photos experience!

The updated app packs in some of Snapseed's popular photography tools too – filters like Drama and Retrolux, and controls like saturation and contrast – within the app.

Next up is location sharing abilities, with just the right circles. On the app, only if someone has shared their location with you that you'll be able to see their current location on their Google+ profile. The ability has been improved with the inclusion of a new "Locations" section in the Android app. When users tap on "Locations", they will be able to spot the current locations of their friends on a map. This way, they can easily make plans. That said, users will always be the one to decide whether to share their location and with whom.

Better location sharing

The updated Android app now has hashtags that will appear at the top-right of individual posts. Once users tap on them, they will be able to view streams of relevant content. Users can remove these Google-added tags from their own content, either on individual posts or on all of them.

Download Google+ app from google play

[via googleplusproject blog]


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